Value Designer

We perfect products with high quality design and beautiful visual graphics. We also take on interesting projects like office interior renewal to create a fun working environment. We take initiative in realizing our ideals through communication with other teams striving to excel together.

Who We Are Looking For

  1. Good understanding of Between as a service and passion in our vision
  2. Curiosity in various types of creative processes.
  3. Flexibility to work in changing environment
  4. Good communication and teamwork skills
  5. Willingness to execute and ability to learn from experience


  1. Between UI/UX design (desktop/mobile)
  2. Promotional material for Between (on/offline)
  3. Between character artwork (on/offline)
  4. Media work including motion graphics and photography
  5. Various other preparation including office interior design


  1. Expertise with various imaging tools(Photoshop, Illustrator, etc)
  2. Strong interest in mobile design and/or IT industry
  3. Must be able to work in Seoul, Korea

How To Apply

  1. Please send your resume, 1-page essay, and portfolio (optional) to
    • You must include name, contact info, academics, and desired position in the application.
    • There is no fixed format for the 1-page essay. It should showcase who you are, what you will add to VCNC, and what you want to do here at VCNC.
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