Value Innovator

We develop product and business strategy for Between on a global level to successfully execute marketing and business partnerships at a local level. We look at business decisions together and get involved in everyday execution of those decisions. We are not limited by our job description, and team members are encouraged to take initiative.

Who We Are Looking For

  1. Good understanding of Between as a service and passion in our vision
  2. Interest & experience in various industries in which couples are main customers(Wedding, cinema, theater, travel, entertainment, etc.)
  3. Good communication and teamwork skills
  4. Willingness to execute and ability to learn from experience


  1. Product & business strategy planning
  2. Marketing agenda development & execution
  3. Business partnerships
  4. Cross-team communication regarding product & service
  5. Coordination across global offices


  1. Understanding of business in general (strategy, marketing, finance, etc).
  2. Knowledgable in current trends in IT, startup, and social networks.
  3. Fluent in English (proficiency in other languages is appreciated)

How To Apply

  1. Please send your resume, 1-page essay, and portfolio (optional) to
    • You must include name, contact info, academics, and desired position in the application.
    • There is no fixed format for the 1-page essay. It should showcase who you are, what you will add to VCNC, and what you want to do here at VCNC.
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