Relationship App

for Couples

Between is a mobile app for couples in love! Chat, share photos and schedules in a private space just for two.
Start now and collect all the moments in your relationship.

Have loving conversations, just between both of you

Express yourselves better with cute stickers and emoticons.
Have fun with GIF Selfies.
Between is the place to have your intimate conversations.

Photos for storing precious memories

Every photo, video, and notes - just between the two of you.
Your memories all remain, even if you change phones.
Save and share all your precious memories in Between.

Free and clear Voice Calls

Never miss a word from the voice you miss most.
Between provides free and clear Voice Calls.
Keep on talking without the worry of phone call charges.

Anniversaries and Special Days

Do you remember the day you first met, your first anniversary, or a special trip together?
These special moments, no matter how small, are all important in your relationship.
Save and track all your special days and moments on Between, and never forget them.

A Shared Calendar for two

Easily share your individual schedules and make plans.
No set up or syncing needed to keep each other updated.
Between's Shared Calendar makes planning as a couple smooth as silk.

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