Between is a mobile app for couples. Chat, share photos and schedules in a private space just for two. Start now and collect all your moments together.

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Home, your private place

Create & share a beautiful screen with photos and frames.
Scroll down to find helpful tips for your relationship such as date ideas, moments from the past, and activity history.

Profile, when you miss your partner

Sometimes cute, sometimes funny,
create a profile for your partner’s eyes only.
Tap on the heart button to let your partner know that he or she is on your mind.

Moments, collect your memories

Collect & share memorable moments.
Look back on uploaded photos, videos, notes by date or by theme.

Chat, your private 1-to-1 conversation

Perfect for couples!
Use Merry Between™ stickers and emoticons to pepper your chat with love :)

Calendar, record your days

Record upcoming dates to remind each other and see your shared memories accumulate in one calendar.

Video Clips

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